Understanding MOT Costs and Fees for Different Vehicle Types

The MOT test ensures your vehicle meets safety and roadworthiness standards in the UK. But how much does this annual inspection cost for cars, motorcycles, and vans?

Let’s explore the government-set MOT fees and strategies to reduce your expenses potentially.

Maximum MOT Fees by Vehicle Class

The maximum fee test centers can charge depends on your vehicle type:

Vehicle TypeMaximum Fee
Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)£54.85
Motorcycles (up to 200cc engine)£29.65
Motorcycles with sidecar (up to 200cc)£37.80
Light commercial vehicles like vans (up to 3,000kg)£54.85
Private hire vehicles and taxis£54.85
Larger passenger vehicles (9-12 seats)£57.30
Buses and coaches (13-16 seats)£59.55
Buses and coaches (over 16 seats)£80.65
MOT Costs and Fees

Additional Potential Costs

If your vehicle fails the MOT, you may need to pay:

  • A retest fee (up to half the original cost) to verify repairs
  • Up to £10 for a duplicate MOT certificate copy

Some garages offer MOT and service packages, which could provide discounts but increase upfront costs.

What is the most significant extra expense?

Paying for any repairs needed to pass the MOT – worn brakes, faulty tires, mechanical issues, etc. can quickly exceed the test fee.

Regional Pricing Variations

While maximum fees are government-set, real-world MOT prices vary regionally. Urban garages tend to charge more due to higher overheads, while rural test centers sometimes price up to the legal maximum.

To find the best deal, get quotes from multiple local test centers – independents and dealerships. Newer garages may offer discounted rates, while long-standing ones could provide loyalty perks.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Bundle the MOT with servicing for a discounted package rate
  • Join customer loyalty programs for perks like cheaper MOTs
  • Maintain your vehicle regularly to avoid surprise repair bills
  • Check your vehicle’s MOT history online to address recurring issues proactively

Payment Options and Discounts

Most centers accept cash and cards. Some offer:

  • Installment plans for larger bills
  • Discounts for cash payments
  • Online booking promotions

Specialized Vehicle Fees

Other maximum MOT fees include:

  • Ambulances and patient transport: £54.85
  • Taxis and private hire: £54.85
  • Larger goods vehicles over 3,500kg: £58.60

Being informed on pricing and prepared can minimize this annual expense. Research garages, understand fees, explore bundled services, and maintain your vehicle. With some consumer savvy, you can find quality, fairly-priced MOT services.


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