Is it Possible to Change Your Car’s MOT Due Date?

Can you change your MOT due date?

You cannot extend or postpone the expiry date shown on your current MOT certificate. However, you can influence the MOT renewal date for the following year by choosing when to get your next annual vehicle checkup.

Understanding MOT Expiry and Renewal Dates

The MOT expiry date indicates when your current vehicle inspection paperwork runs out. All cars over 3 years old require an annual MOT test to check they meet legal standards for safety and emissions.

The MOT renewal date is the deadline for completing your next test. This is typically set at one year from the previous MOT expiry date.

However, you can get an MOT done up to one month minus a day before it expires. When you bring your car in for inspection, the MOT test date does not have to align exactly with the expiry date.

Some vehicles over 40 years old can be exempt from MOT tests altogether.

Can You Change Your MOT Due Date

How does MOT Timing Affect the Next Due Date?

Contrary to popular belief, your next MOT due date is not fixed at the same date every year. When you last completed the test determines when the next one will be due.

  • If you get an MOT done up to a month before the current certificate expires, your MOT renewal deadline remains unchanged the following year.
    • For example, if your expiry date is May 10th and you test on April 12th, your next test will still be due on May 10th next year.
  • However, if you leave it to the last minute and get tested after expiry, your next due date will be pushed back by the number of days you are late.
    • If your MOT expired on May 10th but you didn’t test until May 15th, your next certificate would expire on May 15th next year.

What to Do If Your MOT Has Already Expired?

Driving a car without a valid MOT certificate is illegal unless driving directly to a pre-booked test appointment.

If your MOT has already expired:

  • Book the earliest test possible at your local MOT test centre.
  • Before driving, check tyres, lights, brakes, etc., and drive slowly and cautiously.
  • Take proof of your booking in case the police stop you.

You risk fines if caught driving an untested vehicle outside your journey to the test centre.

Tips for Remembering Your MOT Due Date

It’s important that vehicle owners stay on top of their MOT when their MOT is due. Here are some tips:

  • Sign up for free reminders from DVSA one month before your MOT expiry
  • Check the MOT status and due date on GOV.UK using your registration plate
  • Add your MOT deadline to your calendar with alerts in advance
  • Note down the expiry date from your last certificate for easy reference

The Relationship Between MOTs and Vehicle Tax

If your MOT certificate has expired, you cannot renew your car’s tax, even if it’s not yet due. Here is what to do:

  1. Get your MOT test done first to regain a valid certificate
  2. Use your new MOT pass to renew your tax online to avoid fines immediately

Coordinating valid MOT and tax is crucial to keep your vehicle legal.

Planning Ahead for MOTs During Busy Periods

Test centres get very busy around month ends, before bank holidays, and in March/September when MOTs are typically due. Avoid last-minute panics by:

  • Checking your MOT expiry a few months before
  • Booking early if due during busy periods
  • Considering an MOT up to a month before expiry to secure a slot
  • Finding a reliable test centre with convenient times

You can reschedule your next MOT deadline by getting tested early, although you cannot modify your current one. Postponing too long past expiry makes your vehicle illegal.

Use the tips provided to remember renewal dates, book tests ahead of time, and avoid driving without a valid MOT certificate.


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