Fix Apple CarPlay not Working in Skoda

Owners of Skoda vehicles may face issues with Apple CarPlay not functioning properly. This can be frustrating as CarPlay offers useful features like navigation, hands-free calling, and in-car entertainment. Fortunately, most CarPlay problems in Skoda cars can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps. This scenario is more common than you might think among Skoda car owners, across various models like Enyaq, Fabia, Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq, Octavia, Scala, Superb.

CarPlay is Apple’s in-car interface that allows iPhone users to access apps and features safely while driving. When connected to compatible Skoda models, CarPlay brings iOS apps to the infotainment display. This lets you use iPhone apps hands-free with added convenience.

However, CarPlay sometimes stops working correctly in Skoda cars. Issues like no connection, intermittent drops, frozen screens, or problems with music and maps are common. This article will guide Skoda owners on how to get CarPlay working again.

Apple CarPlay not Working in Skoda?

Here are the common fixes that might resolve the issue

1. Identify the Problem

Pinpointing the exact CarPlay issue is the first step. Common problems faced include:

  • CarPlay not launching or connecting automatically.
  • Frequent disconnections or dropping of CarPlay connection.
  • A frozen CarPlay screen showing a black/blank display.
  • Music and audio not playing properly over CarPlay.
  • Blurry or pixelated maps on navigation apps.

Knowing the specific problem will help troubleshoot it efficiently.

2. Check Basic Requirements

Before troubleshooting, ensure basic requirements are met:

  • iPhone model (5 and above) and iOS version support CarPlay.
  • CarPlay availability in your country and language.
  • Your Skoda model year and infotainment system support CarPlay.

Newer Skoda models like Kodiaq, Karoq, and Kamiq have CarPlay. Older models may require an infotainment upgrade.

3. Troubleshoot Connection

For wired CarPlay, use an Apple-certified lightning cable. Check the cable for any damage. Try different USB ports and cables if issues persist.

For wireless CarPlay, ensure iPhone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on. Forget and re-pair the CarPlay connection from iPhone Bluetooth settings if needed.

4. Check iPhone Settings

Adjust some iPhone settings for a better CarPlay experience:

  • Allow CarPlay while the iPhone is locked.
  • Enable Siri for voice control over CarPlay.
  • Disable Screen Time and other restrictions for CarPlay under Content & Privacy.

Allow full access to CarPlay by adding it to the unrestricted apps list.

Allow While LockedKeeps CarPlay active even when iPhone is locked
Enable SiriUse Hey Siri and voice control over CarPlay
Remove RestrictionsAdd CarPlay to unrestricted apps list under Screen Time

5. Restart Devices

If apps are frozen or issues persist try restarting:

  • Force close any unresponsive apps on the iPhone.
  • Restart iPhone completely.
  • Restart/reboot the Skoda infotainment system.

In worst cases, perform a factory reset on the infotainment system via Settings.

6. Update Software

Software updates can fix CarPlay bugs and add new features.

  • Update to the latest iOS version on the iPhone
  • Install pending firmware updates for the Skoda infotainment system

7. Get Help

If you cannot resolve CarPlay issues on your Skoda, seek assistance:

  • Apple Support for iPhone and iOS issues
  • Skoda dealership for infotainment system problems
  • Official Skoda and Apple websites for more troubleshooting tips

With some guided troubleshooting, you should be able to fix most CarPlay problems in Skoda cars. Reach out for assistance from Apple or your Skoda dealership if issues persist.


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