How to Check Your Vehicle’s MOT History Online?

check mot history onlline

Checking a vehicle’s MOT history provides valuable insights into its condition and maintenance record over time. As a vehicle owner, verifying your car, van, motorcycle, or trailer’s MOT status is essential before buying or selling. This quick, free check can reveal any issues flagged during

Understanding MOT Costs and Fees for Different Vehicle Types

MOT Costs and Fees

The MOT test ensures your vehicle meets safety and roadworthiness standards in the UK. But how much does this annual inspection cost for cars, motorcycles, and vans? Let’s explore the government-set MOT fees and strategies to reduce your expenses potentially. Maximum MOT Fees by Vehicle

A Step-by-Step Guide to Booking and Taking Your Vehicle for an MOT

Booking and Taking Your Vehicle for an MOT

Booking and taking your vehicle for an MOT is an important legal requirement and responsibility for anyone in the UK owning and operating a car, motorcycle, van, or other vehicle. This article provides a helpful guide to the key steps involved, including finding an approved test

Decoding Your MOT Results: What to Do Next

MOT Results and Next Steps

The MOT test is an annual examination of a vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions. Passing the MOT is legally required to drive on UK roads, making the test results vitally important. This article covers interpreting your MOT outcomes and the necessary post-MOT actions. Understanding Your MOT Test Results There

Common Reasons for MOT Failures and How to Avoid Them

What Can Fail an MOT

The MOT test is an annual vehicle safety inspection required for most cars in the UK once they turn 3 years old. Around 30% of vehicles fail their MOT on the first attempt, so understanding the most common MOT failure reasons can help drivers prevent

Preparing Your Vehicle for an MOT: Pre-Test Checks and Checklist

Pre-MOT Checks Checklist

The annual MOT test is a mandatory roadworthiness examination in the UK for vehicles over 3 years old. Performing pre-MOT checks and following a checklist helps identify issues to address before the test. Fixing problems early allows vehicles to pass this annual safety check on